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Nowadays internet sites are linked to the enterprise’s data and behave like a real application. Computerization is the major walk of industrialization, which enhances the quality, and overall performance of an organization. Insto recognizes that the dominant method of teaching by feeding facts to students need to be replaced by a new method that engages youth in the learning process and develops mind by encouraging problem solving, decision making and creativity we recognize that learning does not begin and ends with classroom doors, but must be integrated into the life of students taking into account their home and community life.

Insto has developed effective new approaches to all aspects of learning. Education system in India can be made better by improving the faculty standards through faculty feedback system and by giving a good communication between faculties, students and parents. To achieve those goals Insto came up with a web application named ‘iCampuz’ which can be accessed by six type of users: Administrator(s), Office Staff, Principal, Faculties, Students and Parents.


  • Save 60% of Admin cost and paper work
  • All in one solution for all colleges and schools
  • Data conversion into various formats
  • Bulk Data uploading facility
  • Provision for Biometric Access and RFID
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • Cost Effective Solution for total management
  • Automated and quick report generatioon
  • 24/7 accessibility from across the globe


  1. Admission Management

  2. Billing and Certificates

  3. Academics Management

  4. Human Resource Management

  5. Placements Portal

  1. Transport Management

  2. Hostel Management

  3. Laboratory Management

  4. Library Management

  5. Alumni Portal

iCampuz is an advanced web based college management system offering high flexibility and an abundance of features to collaboratly create quality education system. Its main feature is to provide seamless networked campus and a paperless administration. iCampuz is the best solution for the centralized management of academic data and this application platform provides a Wright communication link between faculty, parents and students so that a good feedback system and a knowledge rich environment can be created to improve the education system. It also contains an exam management system that provides accessibility of result, statistics and customized report generation. The software entitled "iCampuz" is an application for systematically, logically and efficiently managing the functioning of sectors such as group of educational institutions, schools colleges, universities etc. iCampuz is a product developed institutions to manage its working in a distributed environment with role based access control. This system works across the Internet as well as the organizations intranet and extranet.

iCampuz provides a framework with which all members of an institution can access, view and manage their account. The product is software which provides a systematic approach to control, describe, store, retrieve and share information contained, it has a group of independent and interdependent features and function working together form the backbone of many computer installation.

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